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For more than thirty years, Covenant College has maintained a proud legacy of excellence in independent, Religious education. We offer a superb co-educational learning experience to students from Grade R to Grade 7. Covenant College offers a compelling combination of small classes, caring staff, academic rigor, and strong spiritual values.

We offer a unique educational approach that builds on continuous learning. Rather than simply providing an atmosphere of education, Covenant College creates an environment based on Christian and educational principles.

Our qualified teachers believe that nurturing and developing a child holistically in a safe, warm and encouraging environment is paramount to the overall development and growth of a child. It is their love for teaching which helps our school thrive. Our extra lessons offered in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans help set the tone of supportive academic enrichment. Our participation in cultural and sporting activities internally and externally nurtures an ethos of dedication and commitment to growth and overall community spirit.

Covenant College offers: 

  • A supportive, disciplined environment which is conducive to the development of our learners academically, culturally, on the sport field as well as their leadership styles encouraging our learners to grow independently.
  • We transcribe to the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) exams.
  • Community service programs including charitable collections and involvement.
  • Assemblies based around religious teaching.
  • Daily devotions aimed at furthering our faith.

Covenant College is a place where values are affirmed, young minds are enriched, and dreams take flight. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

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