School Governing Body

Our vision is to educate learners to develop to their full potential in a structured Christian environment so that they will be equipped to take up their rightful place and make a meaningful contribution to society.

The School Governing Body better known as the SGB exercises full and effective control over the School. The SGB consists of Executive and Non-Executive Directors who manage the school in accordance with its Constitution. A copy of the Constitution is available on request. The SGB stands in a position of trust towards the School with the aim of protecting the school’s Christian Ethos and interests. As a Christian Private School the Word of God remains the final authority and the bible is the basis of our Religious Statement, member appointments are based on conscription by way of an application and interview process only done by the SGB. The term of office is twenty four months from the date of their election. An office bearer may be re-elected after the expiry of his or her term of office.

Current Members

Hylton Davidson

Chair Person

Hylton-Davidson-SGBWith a passion for education and ministry, Mr Davidson is a long standing Covenant College parent. With many years of ministry experience in Johannesburg South and a Degree in Theology, he is fully committed to Christian Based Education. He is an experienced Financial/Business Manager with more than 20 years’ experience in financial management, strategic planning, risk management and corporate governance.

Wendy Saunders

Covenant College parent

Wendy-Saunders-SGBWendy Saunders is a Covenant College parent. Together with her husband, they have been in full time, Kids and Youth Ministry for 15 years. Prior to coming into full time ministry, Wendy was in Human Resources and has a National Diploma in Human Resources Management. Wendy has a real passion for children and teens to discover and develop their own relationship with God and furthermore discover their God given gifts and talents. Wendy loves to minister and teach children and teens the Word of God in a vibrant, exciting and relevant manner. Wendy is a trained Christian Counsellor and it is here where Wendy has the ability to connect in a one to one setting with a hurting child or teen and minister the love and mercy of God, taking the child through a process of healing and wholeness.

Lance Retief

Covenant College Parent

Lance-Retief-SGBLance Retief is a Covenant College parent. Together with his wife, Lance served in various church leadership roles which includes assistant pastor, youth pastor and leader. He currently serves on the church leadership board of a local church in the South of Johannesburg and is responsible for the youth ministry. He has a passion for the Lord, young people and making a difference. Lance holds an honours degree in Social Sciences and Human Resources Development and is completing a Master’s Degree in Leadership. The Human Resources portfolio provides him the opportunity to live out his God given purpose of living a life of excellence and leadership. “I am not doing this to be seen, nor for the prestige – but to honor and glorify God above all”.

Brian Du Preez

High school Principal

Brian-du-preez-SGBBrian du Preez is the Principal of Covenant College High. He is passionate about teaching, learning and people development. He holds a Higher Diploma in Education with majors in English, Mathematics and Gifted Child Education as a professional teacher, he has also completed the Further Diploma in Education. He has also completed the BTech: Human Resources Development degree with a strong focus on Curriculum Design and Human Performance Improvement methodology. He recently completed the Advanced Certificate in Education at University of Johannesburg. He has more than 25 years’ experience in Education as well as in learning and development in a corporate environment. Mr du Preez is dedicated to excellence in all areas.

Marlene Swanepoel

Primary School Principal (2000 – current)

Marlene-Swanepoel-SGBMarlene qualified in 1979 with a Diploma in Education (Senior Primary) and has 37 years of extensive experience in Primary School Education. She taught at a public school for 12 ½ years and was awarded with 3 merits from the Education Department. During this time she was appointed as a Subject Head of various subjects. She joined Covenant College in 1992. Between 1994 and 1998 she was appointed as Head of Department. She spent a year in Australia doing relief teaching and retuned to Covenant College in 2000, as Principal and teacher. She is a fully committed Christian with a passion for Christian education and strives for God’s excellence in management, academics, sport and cultural activities.

Melissa Kershaw

SGB Secretary

Melissa-kershaw-SGBMelissa Kershaw has a passion and love for Covenant College since she has been a student at Covenant College many years ago. She has a Degree in Communication Science and several years’ experience in the corporate environment. She considered herself extremely blessed when God opened the door for her return to Covenant College to work.


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