South African Education challenges

South African Education challenges

The South African political, economic and social stance is incredibly dynamic and somewhat challenging to say the least. With an array of diverse cultures, religions and ideals, the educational perspective is what will set South Africa apart in the global community.

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There are definitive challenges that South Africa faces on a daily basis. From pre-primary school, primary schools, secondary and tertiary education.

Pre-Primary School Education challenges: Early Developmental childhood developmental issues stem from the seven domains of development. Unfortunately, some crèche and young children care facilities do not emphasise effective learning techniques for young minds.

Primary School Challenges: An unfortunate reality for some primary schools include poorly located schools and infrastructure that does not accommodate large amounts of pupils.

Secondary School Challenges: High tuition fees and lack of qualified teachers pave the way for learners in Grades 8-12 to be inadequately prepared for university or the workplace. Extensive technological advancements are hindered by slow service delivery of textbooks or equipment to assist learners in excelling.

Tertiary Education Challenges:  With the prominent “Fees Must Fall” movement, it is clear to see that our young generation are passionate about bringing definitive change for a brighter future. The job market is volatile and competitive. Students and graduates alike are seeking fulfilling career opportunities. However, the economic situation (junk status credit downgrade for example) creates an uncertain environment. One of the key educational challenges that students face is the transparency of the government and constitutional promises.

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