Cultural Enrichment

Covenant College’s arts and cultural offerings allow and enable our students to express their God-given talents in a creative and meaningful way. We strive for excellence in all cultural spheres, with a team of educators that are well-qualified to coach our students to achieve the best results possible.

Cultural activities currently offered at Covenant College include:

  • Participation in various One-act play Festivals, where our students obtain various accolades.
  • Participation in the Speech and Drama College’s Public Speaking Festival.
  • Participation in the Alberton Eisteddfod, where our students have a longstanding history of achieving high standards in acting, art and singing.
  • Latin American and Ballroom dancing classes.
  • Covenant College produces a School Revue talent show or fashion show that all of our students participate in. This is a wonderful time for students to show off their God-given talents; it is also a great opportunity to build school spirit and camaraderie.

As a school, we strive to cater for learners’ needs, and as such, we are continually adding on to and developing our art and cultural events/shows.


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