Why early childhood development is important

Early childhood development

The creation of a fundamental and adaptable foundation is imperative for a child to flourish in their adolescent life. Covenant College recognises the need for South African young children to be equipped with skill sets for a successful future.

Objectives need to be met at a young age in order to create structural balance. It is vitally important to incorporate the seven domains of the early development process.

 This includes the cognitive domain for the cause-and-effect reasoning concepts. The second domain includes gross motor skills for crucial developments like running and walking. Covenant College integrates physical education as a core function in the development of our young scholars.

Covenant College also has a sports development programme. We are affiliated with the South African Christian Schools Sport Association. Our school actively participates in sports such as soccer, netball and volleyball. Compulsory curriculum sports are integrated in our learners timetables.

In addition to the gross motor skills, the next domain of the early childhood development is the fine motor skill component. Precision such as hand-eye coordination categorises this domain.

Independence is by far one of society’s demanding attributes. The self-help and adaptive domain emphasises self advancement and dealing with indefinite disappointments. As an institution, Covenant College has a team of professional educators and psychologists to assist your child in developing the integral independence of their childhood.

The social and emotional domain allows for children to thrive in social conditions and environments. Covenant College has a minimal amount of children in a class, which allows for vital social skills. Networking is also an imperative factor for the adolescent stage of life.

Lastly, the spiritual and moral component of the early childhood development process paves the way for ethical behaviour. Covenant College encompasses these ideals that our learners will apply throughout their experience of childhood and adolescence.

Illustrative examples of what Covenant College has to offer include cultural enrichment programs and the Christian Walk Initiative.

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